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Home Growing System

Home Growing System

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One of the major components of growing any type of plant is light. However, giving your plants the proper amount of light can be a problem. This is where grow lights become almost a necessity - they can give plants the correct amount of light anywhere.

Natural light is the best, but greenhouses used in the winter may not be getting enough light, and your plants may need supplemental light; this is where greenhouse grow lights come in.

Now that you know what grow lights are, it’s time to learn about the different types. Many people have different needs, including types of plants, size of the greenhouse, and amount of light getting into the greenhouse. Grow lights can also be used in combination with each other; you do not need to choose only one. There are many different types of lights, but here are three of the major ones.

A problem with greenhouses is that they can sometimes not get enough light, especially during the winter. When plants do not get enough light, they tend to grow higher, looking for more light. They can also become top heavy, and energy that usually goes to leaves and flowers instead transfers to the stem to keep it from falling, weakening the plant. Grow lights can prevent this by providing enough light.


  • Improves Production, Quality & Yield
  • Increases usable space, more plants
  • Keeps Plant off the ground making operations (harvesting, spraying etc.) easy
  • Reduces labor
  • Reduces time of operation
  • Reduces crop damage during operations
  • Prevents soil borne diseases & pests
  • No adverse effect on plants

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